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Excellent news fellow lovers of the fantastical! After a long and hard slog through the treacherous mires of procrastination, cursing of whomever invented timezones and generally trying to balance more balls than should be humanly possible (are authors human? The debate is still out on that) a collaboration across time and space (quite literally) has created something wondrous.

Fantasy Unbound cover

Fantasy Unbound is a collection of fantastical short stories (in more ways than one 😉 as well as an exciting collaboration between several publishers, editors and authors (contrary to all other evidence we’re not complete hermits … yet).

Best of all? It’s a…


Twenty-one stories explores the genre’s spectrum from quaint and curious fairy tale to dark urban fantasy all the way to the borders (and across) of humorous. fantasy. Whether you read fantasy to escape, to relax, to learn, or just on a whim, you’ll be spirited away before you know it.

The one thing we can promise is … since several of the authors love dragons, there will be DRAGONS GALORE.

This was published by Scribecat, and like so many collaborations, it’s been a pleasure to work on it and with all the other marvellous people involved. You can check out more details on Fantasy Unbound’s DQ page or just dive straight into it from over at Scribecat.

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