Linandra welcome

To DragonQuill.

Come join me here and you’ll find a world filled with mysteries, magic and monsters; heroes and villains; and, of course, the almighty dragons. Not necessarily in that order.

This is a place where the great kings of fantasy can fly free; from the smallest dragonling to the oldest, wisest (and occasionally grumpiest) craggy-featured dragon.

It’s probably wisest to keep an eye out though, for even if one dragon a fantasy does not make (even if when you do have a dragon, you tend to know about it – if only in time to be roasted on your feet because you forgot to fireproof that shiny new armour you just bought) they tend to make their presence felt.

That isn’t to say that you’ll only find great fire-breathing beasts stalking these pages (if anything, we’re equal opportunity aficionados when it comes to anything with lots of teeth and are just as happy with magic swords as with laser-blasters – or, failing that, a nice, sharp, stick) but if we have to confess to anything, it’d be for holding a very special place in our hearts for a dragon, or two, or three… It’s been a bit quiet from DragonQuill for a while. Like so many others, the last couple of years have been a bit of a strain on all accounts, physically, mentally, and financially. Let’s just say we hope that period of silence is well and truly over with the release of both “Silberwing” and “Lord of the Wind” in 2022.

Setharrion by Rosie psd website kopiera
They say “never laugh at a live dragon”, but what you should really be worried about is if they’re laughing at you. Because if a dragon looks at you and grins, you should probably have started running three pages ago…

Where the adventure begins