High Fyelds – A New Beginning (#HF 1)

HF1Sometimes the defining moments of your life come down to a single decision.

For Erina, it all began with a crash. Not that she had meant to crash the interplanetary shuttle (there had been a small disagreement with an asteroid) but crash it does.

Now she finds herself surrounded by creatures unlike any she has ever seen and there are trees everywhere.

When Erina then meets a solitary horse in those mysterious woods, even she can tell that there is something special about the proud stallion.

Trouble is, Erina knows only slightly more about horses than a fish does about QDE Engineering.

She still needs to find a way home. And there is possibly something in the dark that wants to eat her.

What’s a girl got to do?

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In the time-honoured method of emergency repairs everywhere, Erina hit the console in front of her with her fists.

‘Stop. Stop! STOP!’ she screamed at it.

It didn’t help much, but at least it served as a release for her pent-up frustration. Plus, she’d already tried everything else.

The shuttlecraft didn’t take much notice. Shaking violently, it skirted the upper atmosphere of the planet like a pebble thrown across the water by a very poorly-sighted giant. They weren’t the type of pebble that would sink calmly to the bottom of the pond but were, judging by their luck so far, going to end up as a scattered and very hot debris field, somewhere. Not much of a comparison at all when you thought of it like that.

Around her, the normally so soothing hum of the engines had been replaced by crackles, hissing and spitting across the walls and ceiling, from the various electronics.

In the passenger compartment behind her, everyone was getting strapped in. Nearly everyone. One was trying, desperately, to put out the flames leaping from one of the panels. The passenger struggled against the violent swinging motions of the shuttle, holding on to the extinguisher with one hand and the seatback with another.

With everything rocking from side to side, the internal inertial dampeners were struggling to compensate for the wild descent. It was also possible that they’d actually stopped working and the only thing that kept them all from dropping, like a very nicely designed proverbial rock, were the wings.

Maybe they hadn’t worked properly since they’d hit that asteroid. This would, actually, explain a lot.

High Fyelds: A New Beginning

is set during the Sixth Age of the Seven Stars Universe . This is an Age of exploration and discovery – where science opens its eyes to the new dawn of as Magic wakes from its eon long slumber. Lost Valleys. Spaceships. Techno marvels. Mysterious Strangers. This Age has it all. 

This book has
Seven Dragons

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This book began life with the help of some awesome backers on Kickstarter. Thank You!

Wanda Aasen, Arne Radtke, Ashley Lachance, Juliane Völker, Aramanth Dawe, Elizabeth-Rose Best, Skywings14, Tyler Richter, Ashli T. Tasha Turner, Scott Schaper, Rhonda and Rhel ná DecVandé!

Where the adventure begins

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