Setharrion Questions

* Q   What do you publish?
* A   Anything fantastical really. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Science Fantasy etc. 

* Q  Who are you people? 
* A  Have a looksie here if you’d like to know a bit more.

* Q Where can I find your books?
* A  All our books are available to our wonderful backers on Kickstarter first. The best way to get an early copy or one of the Special Editions (as well as maybe something extra) is to support the initial launch of the titles.           

After that, the books are available on various platforms, including Amazon and D2D

* Q Can’t I buy your books directly from DragonQuill?
* A  This feature might be coming soon, so stay tuned. 

* Q How do I know if I should let (X) read a certain book?
* A Check out our dragon based book gauge if you need a few pointers. Ultimately though, the only one who can decide that, is you. 

*  I’ve written a novel. Can I publish my book with you?
* A   Not at the moment, sorry. 

* Q Do I have to read the books in any particular order? 
* A Most of the novels can be read as stand-alones, though those in a series will be a more in-depth experience if you read it in their numerical order.  “Chronicles of Sun & Moon” is an exception as is more a continual story spread over three books. 

* Q
* A

Where the adventure begins

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