Fantasy Unbound – Anthology

Fantasy Unbound is a collection of fantastical short stories (in more ways than one 😉 as well as an exciting collaboration between several publishers, editors and authors.

Best of all? It’s a…


Twenty-one stories explores the genre’s spectrum from quaint and curious fairy tale to dark urban fantasy all the way to the borders (and across) of humorous. fantasy. Whether you read fantasy to escape, to relax, to learn, or just on a whim, you’ll be spirited away before you know it.

The one thing we can promise is … since several of the authors love dragons, there will be DRAGONS GALORE.

This is an excellent chance to read some more stories from Mae McKinnon while she’s laboriously procrastinating over her next book (honestly, the thing – most – authors do better than writing is avoiding writing ^^; )

So why should you pick it up? Why, indeed?

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. It has dragons (don’t let the cover fool you, that’s just trying to lull you into a false sense of security before they pounce. )
  3. It has amazing authors (no, seriously, some of these people are amongst my favourite writers – a list which is teeny tiny and includes such illustrious company as;Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones and Anne McCaffrey).

Did we mention the dragons?


It’s available for free through Draft2Digital’s eBook distributors:

(Note: Amazon Kindle has a minimum price of $0.99 for some reason. All proceeds will be put towards a print version of the book.)

You can also download the PDF or ePub from Scribe Cat:

Authors and Co-Conspirators

Ashley Lachance

You might know Ashley better as Scribecat (longtime friend, editor and fellow deviser of muse traps, muse lures, muse rituals of summoning and similar … err … devices? Thingies?) and it’s very exciting for me to see some of her stories published. Our Muses get along fabulously, trading stories about how to best torment their authors and you’ll find a lot of similar themes (not to mention sarcasm) in our writings. One day we might even get around to do an official Original Universes cross-over for some of our Main Characters (who have been living double lives in an old RPG lol).

Find some other tidbits over at Scribecat or maybe even go support her Patreon.

Elizabeth-Rose Best

Writes massive books (seriously, the Naiad Chronicles series are huge, heavy and could possibly brain a small wizard if you did something as atrocious as flinging books around (booksniping is a subtle and little known martial art 😉 but once you start reading them you can’t. put. them. down.

The Naiad Chronicles include Vision, Messenger, Caller, and Guardian.

She’s one of those precious few authors who is as good a writer as she is an illustrator (and if you find her style familiar but can’t quite put the finger on why, you might have seen it in some other books right here at DragonsandQuill… not to mention, she’s a fellow dragon lover. Her style is flowing, epic and touched with a wondrous sense of humour in all the right places.

Ian Gough

If humorous fantasy is your fare of choice, look no further (not that we recommend eating books any more than throwing them around, unless you’re a .303 bookworm).

Ian’s writing is often light of heart and with a humorous twist of the macabre, though he’s perfectly able to write darker, more serious stuff too …. when he wants to.

Some of his stories in this anthology also tie in with his series, the Core Lands, which includes his two full-length novels: Lotan the Librarian and The Ballad of Hubert Wells!

He’s also working on a book heavily featuring dragons (have you spotted the pattern yet?) as well as several other side projects.

Kris Hawley

Kris is a close acquaintance of Scribecat and one of those authors who labours under the curse of writing, and writing, and writing … and then finding it hard to finish the stories (we all feel your pain Kris, truly, we do!)

Ashley loves his stories … not to mention his endings (which are often gloriously twisty).

For another freebie, you can find Killgoarrex over at Scribecat.

Mae McKinnon

Umm, what can I say. I’m in there … I guess? I’d thought about doing an anthology a few years back but nothing ever came of it, so when Ashley broached the subject, it didn’t take much to convince me (nothing at all, in fact. If you had the chance to work with one of your favourite people who’ve you’ve done plenty of conspiring with in the past (being old RPG buddies and all) you would too.

I’m still amazed that I managed to restrict myself to only two dragons ^^;

In Fantasy Unbound: expect a dash of humour, a soupcon of sarcasm (better make it two to be on the safe side), a dollop of blood from five authors, add the beastie of your choice, and you’re ready to dine … err … read, I mean read …

Where the adventure begins

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