DQ Updates and fun *stuff*

It’s been a while since the latest post – which you can thank a very uncooperative book for. Some books flow like a smooth river of starlight from start to finish. Others, not so much. This latest one definitely belongs in category nb two.

Also, it’s still positively roasting here, and has for several months, which I normally enjoy, but not when stuck inside trying to work and the AC insists on making my cold worse.

Alas, the new book HAS been wrestled into submission, so here are some updates from Dragonquill.

* The new website, which is the same as the old website but with a new host, has changed its name to “Dragonsandquill”.


When aliens decided to harvest the Earth’s resources, including ores, plants, water, animals … and people, there was no way to stop them. 
Until now!

If you want your very own copy before the general release, a special edition dustjacket, a signed copy or just want to support indieauthors, head right on over. Plenty of space for everyone.

*** November 2-3 I’ll be at

So do come over to say hi 🙂

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