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Gaile C baseGaile Ashworthey  is a new student at the Dragon Research Centre (or DRC for short) in “Academia Draconia” and “Silberwing” who’d like nothing better than to become a dragonrider – if only she could overcome her terrible fear of heights, people, heights, tests, spacetravel, heights and always being the odd one out.

She has a penchant for being in the wrong place – at the wrong time – and thereby getting into trouble, despite trying desperately to be a good student.

Her best friend and confidant is the small dragonling Silber, but while she shares with him a great deal, she does wish the conversation was a little less one-sided. There are only a limited number of translations for “eeep” after all (80% of which will be, either directly or indirectly, involving the word “cookie”).

She’s short, quiet and tries to see everything from all sides at the same time.

Sera C base

Sera da Silva appears as a third year student at the Dragon Research Centre (DRC for short) in “Academia Draconia” and “Silberwing” whose popularity with the ladies (and everyone else) is only outshone by his academic brilliance.

While on the surface he seems to be one of those people who *have it all and flaunt it* Sera has more secrets than you could fit into a planetary freighter (even if you stamped them down hard) and he will do anything to make sure it stays that way.

He’s tall, handsome (and he knows it) and intelligent.

Little Silber C base

Little Silber is a dragonling of mischief from “Academia Draconia” and “Silberwing”.

About the size of a cat, he has a habit of showing up in places where he shouldn’t be and in places where he couldn’t possibly be.

Not one to take to people, Little Silber is hard to get to know, but if you do, you’ll have a friend who’ll get you out of as much trouble as he gets you into.

Clever and playful, this little guy refuses to stay locked up for long.

Linandra C base

Linandra is a runaway from “the Damsel and the Dragon” who finds more than what she bargained for when it turns out that the huge mansion she’s been stealing from recently is home to a large number of arcane users.

Quite *rough around the edges* Lin is a caring rogue (not that she’d want anyone know that) who struggles with things like books and learning.

While not a people person, if you have four feet and go “woof, meow, tweet, rawrr or chchk” you’ve found an instant friend, though.

She’s tall, lithe and hates it when she’s having to wear a dress.

Seth C base

Seth  from “The Damsel and the Dragon”  wouldn’t say no to staying as a *happy-go-lucky* dandy for the rest of his life (having gone to considerable trouble to escape his responsibilities and his family).

He struggles a bit with the whole *human* thing and sometimes get things hilariously or dangerously wrong. Always up for some fun, he loves treating himself and those he cares for.

While quite adept at magic, while he often carries a slim sword, his skill with it is somewhat dubious.

He’s lively, curious and completely clueless to the finer details of humanoid life.

Onaeirkh C base

Oaneirkh is a black dragon of considerable power from “The Damsel and the Dragon”.

One of the most accomplished draconic users of magic, he is known to be able to conjure storms, sunder mountains and rain fire from the heavens without needing to stop to rest.

With the appearance of a walking lavafield cooled and combed by a giant’s hairbrush, this scraggy dragon used to prefer solitude and quiet contemplation to rushing about and getting excited over nothing.

Kaheiron C base

Kaheiron from “The Damsel and the Dragon” is the Archmagus of the Twin Towers of Retmia is a powerful arcane user who could very well turn you into something small and furry – if you annoyed him too much.

The Archmage of the Twin Towers, his looks belie both his age and knowledge. While he can appear gruff and aloof to many (not to mention intimidating) – even while the official head of the manor he much prefers to help things along without anyone’s knowledge.

He’s tall, spotless, and rarely seen far from a book, even while travelling.

Setharrion C base

Setharrion is a silver dragon from “The Damsel and the Dragon”. 

Very young (for a dragon) he’s still to grow into that majestic, fearsome, spiky look and while he does try to act as befits someone of his station (when his mother is watching), he’s more interested in seeing new things and meeting new people – especially if they aren’t dragons themselves.

Energetic, innocent, and not always good at controlling his powers, if he turns you into smush, he probably didn’t mean to and will feel terribly guilty afterwards.

Pickled socks C base

Pickled Socks from “The Damsel and the Dragon” is a happy, fun-loving little shapeshifter who is busy turning the Twin Towers upside down while his wizarding master is away.

Most of the time he gets away with his antics by charm alone and while he’s eager for his human to come home soon, he’s happy to make new friends (especially if they have food)

Pickles belongs to FlyingGekko who chose him for her ‘name/make a character’ during the Kickstarter campaign for AD.

Harlan Illusion from “High Fyelds” is a tricoloured – or trias for short – horse from Darklight Valley.

His striking colours remind Erina of a court-jester and his playful personality leads to him often running off with something of hers enticing her to chase him.

Harlan would rather run from trouble than fight it and has a fair turn of speed and agility, giving him a good chance to avoid predators in the woods and plains.

Like most creatures that inhabit the valley, he’s been exposed to background magic since before birth, but other than his unusual colouring appears to be a fairly normal horse.

An outcast of his herd, Harlan finds a kindred spirit in Erina.

Wave Rock from “High Fyelds” is a stoic buckskin who is Seranthiem’s partner.

Wave, or Rocky, doesn’t let much bother him and has a calm nature – though he does take a while to warm up to new people.

A working horse, Rocky has no trouble with most types of terrain, cuts cattle like a pro, and trusts his partner implicitly. Quite possibly you could land a dragon right next to him and he wouldn’t do more than flick an ear in the direction of the newcomer.

Erina Darklight from “High Fyelds” is a former cognitor (and former quite a few other things, too) who found a Valley that shouldn’t exist as a result of a slight argument with an asteroid.

Erina prefers her own company, finding human beings tiresome.

Impatient, disagreeable, and dangerous are all descriptions former colleagues have awarded her.

She’s handy with things that can fly, wouldn’t able to repair machinery to save her life, and tends to be a bit physically intimidating when she gets angry.

Able to learn things easily, she picks up new skills quickly (which is a good thing as she prefers to work alone).

Seranthiem AKA Sam from “High Fyelds” is an enigma.

Tall, slim, and with delicate features, he’s occasionally been mistaken for a woman when seen from behind when bathing.

Soft-spoken and gentle, Sam has had an extensive education (though in what no one really knows) and is well versed in things from ancient history and philosophy to what feed is best suited when an animal is feeling down.

Quick, agile, and far stronger than he looks, he’s not an opponent you would want to face either in a streetbrawl or a battle of wits.

A morning person, this fact often puts him at odds with his current boss, who it’s very difficult to persuade to do any work before lunch.


Sun C base

Sunhawk hails from the human city of Litania in “Lord of the Wind”. Since he’s not human, this is a bit of a problem. Or would be, if anyone actually knew what he looked like.

Known only as a notorious shadow and thief of the night, he’s a dangerous enemy to cross who can kill you as easily as he’d stroll across the street (not that he likes using streets, much preferring the rooftops of the city, away from people).

He has red glowing eyes that can see in the dark, which he keeps hidden by always tugging the cowl of his cloak/robe combo further down to mask his face.


Talenn C base

Talenn of Vildtander also hails from the human city of Litania in “Lord of the Wind”.

As the LawLord, Talenn is responsible for the city’s safety. While the most dangerous component of this is undoubtedly that he’s repeatedly thrust into dangerous golshae hunts in the  hinterlands, his greatest annoyance comes from the never-ending cat & mouse game between him and the bane of his existence, the Sunhawk.

Talenn is an adept swordsman, not too bad with a bow, and tries to be an honourable and decent person when he can.


Ikazuchi (AKA Ike) from “The Soul Within”


Jo from “The Soul Within”

Where the adventure begins

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