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NOW huge, alien, harvesters are gobbling up everything in their path; plants, rocks, animals … humans. Only places like Black Hawk Base, a — not so secret — military facility buried deep under the mountains, are relatively safe. That’s where I live, just another of the many civilians the base can’t really support. That changed after I met Ike. Calculating and clever, Ike expected me to become a pilot. That’s a lot to demand of someone who’s not even thirteen yet. But how do you argue with a 14 ton alien hybrid fighter jet with a mind of its own? It looked like I was going to have to help Ike save the world whether I wanted to or not!

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There were more behind me now. The last door hadn’t held them for long. They were catching up on me fast now. No surprise. They could fly. The only reason I’m alive is down to a head-start and a ridiculous amount of luck.

My legs felt like they were frozen in place. Still I keep on running.

‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna die!’

Scrambling through hallways that now somehow seem darker than before, I ran as fast as I could.

If there’s something I could pull down behind me as I rush past, I did. The stitch in my side is killing me. But I wasn’t slowing down. No way.

‘IKE! IKE, I’m gonna KILL you!’

‘If you have breath left enough to yell at me, I suggest you conserve it and concentrate on running,’ Ike’s voice calmly informed me.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ I shouted back, narrowly avoiding smacking right into an overturned bookcase.

The sensible thing would have been to listen to him. I was a bit too upset to be sensible.

‘Inform you of what?’

‘That there are spinning machines of death in here with me!’

‘They’re merely malfunctioning security drones.’

‘Will that make me less dead?’


‘Can’t you, you know, override their system or something?’

‘Malfunctioning, remember.’

‘So that’s a no?’


‘Then what’d you suggest I do?’

‘Run faster.’

The Soul Within

Is set somewhere in the not so far future on Earth, and marks the beginning of the 6th Age in the Seven Stars Universe .  Indeed, without it, there would be no 6th or 7th Age.

This book has
Five Dragons

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Where the adventure begins

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