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Academia Draconia: Book 1


To be a dragonrider you should NOT be afraid … of heights.

But when you’ve fallen off your dragon at two thousand feet you’re probably going to be. And if you’re a trainee dragonrider, you’ll be afraid sooner. A lot sooner.

For Gaile Ashworthey and her fellow students, getting into the course at the Dragon Research Centre had been easy, even if some had travelled half-way across the galaxy to do so.  Who didn’t want to be a rider? To soar through the sky on their very own dragon?

There’s unfortunately one major drawback. Gaile suffers from terrible vertigo and gets dizzy even on the first rung of a ladder. Nor is “teamwork” one of her specialities. That wouldn’t be so bad if “team” wasn’t just the very definition of a dragon and rider. Or that is that it’s up to the dragon to choose their partner and they’re notoriously difficult creatures to impress.

But when, after the latest setback,  Gaile decides to track down the “Ghost” she ends up setting off a chain of events that’ll show that being Strong, Courageous and Tall isn’t the only way to prove your worth…


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So far so good, Tam thought. Whatever sigh of relief he had been about to breathe stuck in his throat though as, at speed, something shot over them, catching them all in the downdraft.

Looked like they might not have to wait so long after all.

Tam shaded his eyes and narrowed them as the dragon turned out of the sun. Oh drat, he thought. Not him. Anyone but him…

The dragon executed a complex stalled roll and landed heavily a bit further away, still moving. It slowed down into a brisk trot while coming towards them.

A trotting dragon covered an awful lot of ground … fast.

‘Guys… I don’t think he’s gonna stop…’ someone called out, sending the group scattering, eager to get out of the way.

‘My turn,’ Jim cried out, already running towards the rapidly approaching red. Compared to the blue that had just departed, this one was several classes above her, both in size and weight and, judging from the way they moved, experience.

Without either of them slowing down, Jim grabbed on to the rope being trailed from the saddle and, using their opposing momentum, half swung, half climbed into the saddle far above.

With the ease of a trick-rider performing their favourite stunt, there was only the briefest of heartbeats before a loud ‘Yeaaaah!’ echoed over them. The paler wings of the large dragon flexed and, having never actually come to a stop, it launched itself back into the air – following up with a barrel roll the moment they were clear of the platform.

‘Yahooo!’ the new rider cried out, exhilaration in his voice.

‘Jim! I said no antics,’ Tam shouted after the rapidly disappearing pair.

This was exactly what he was supposed to be here to prevent. Typical. Trust Bloodbringer to throw a spanner in the wheels. They should have named him “Fool” instead … or “Bloody Stupid”, yes, that’d suit him, Tam fumed. Those two must have been planning that little stunt for ages.

He turned stern eyes on the rest of them, who were clearly awed judging by their expressions.

‘Did you see that?’

‘Yeah … awesome.’

‘Think I could try that too?’

Academia Draconia

is set during the Seventh Age of the Seven Stars Universe where magic has, ever so slowly, started to seep back into the world and, combining science and magic, the opportunity has arisen for brave souls to explore the galaxy.

This book has

8 Dragons
8 Dragons

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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful backers on Kickstarter that helped to launch AD with such fanfare. You gave this book a great start in life. 

Vickie DiSanto, Louise McCulloch, Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho, Jakub Narebski, Helle Rosjaer, Kellie Kininmont, Juliane Volker, Andreas Gustafsson, Anders M. Ytterdahl, Aramanth Dawe, Josh Williams, Leslie Barkley, Margaret St. John, Tasha Turner Lennhoff, Ashley Lachance, Jennifer Roberge, Catherine A Schwartz, Scott Shaper, Michaeol Filipovich, Ashli Tingle, James Cox, Michael Fedrowitz, Jordan DeMello, Teng Ruo Hui, Laurie Hicks, Josephine Cuyugan, Amber Bibb, Bezalel Ben Chaim

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