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Casticia is an impossible world, nay, realm. Though, technically speaking, it’s what causes the planet in question to actually be able to exist in the first place that is the origin of all the *impossibleness* (and quite a lot of the shenanigans and turmoil that the characters that live on, in, or away from, said world have to endure).
That’s one of the simplest ways to describe what lies at the very heart of the Seven of Stars Universe.

Orbiting around six stars, six very different stars, that by all common scientific sense should not be able to remain together, to say nothing about supporting a whole system of planets and moons, or, for that matter, life, this is where you’ll find the world of Casticia and the heart of what will one day become a galactic empire.

Needless to say, science has thrown in the towel in this battle of what is/isn’t possible and is now sitting quietly on the sidelines throwing the occasional glare in the direction of the Universe.

Through the ages, Casticia has been home to many creatures, from the dragons of ages past that now dwell beneath to the knights spurring their mighty charges across the plains as armies clash together. Turn a corner and you’ll be equally likely to find an orchard filled with anything but apples, a bubbling brook, or maybe a dark wizard forging his plans for revenge.

Nor does it matter if times have rolled on by and ships of metal now plough the waves of the eather, finding new worlds; new horizons (and space is one mighty horizon) to explore, or if it’s your trusty steed dozing by your side as you rest after a hard days work of slaying monsters; wherever you go, magic will never be far behind – even if you might never even know it was there.


The Seven Stars Universe is divided into seven different ages, some which are very different from each other.

The Seventh Age:

The Seventh Age is, as it is now, the final age of SOS. It’s a time of exploration. Of finding new worlds and new challenges. While by the end of the Sixth Age we’ve skimmed nearby space, we now get a chance to see just how big a galaxy there is out there, beyond our borders.

Growing ever stronger, magic and science finally come together as one. The Empire grows bigger, more complex, and slowly steps out of the shadows of a small corner of the galaxy to take their place on the stage of the universe.

The Sixth Age:

The sixth age came into being as a colonyship from Earth – having lost its way (really, really lost its way, Casticia IS on the other side of the galaxy after all) – crashed onto an unknown planet.

Admittedly, they probably didn’t want to. But they did so anyway.

What they found could have been bought as a fixer-upper, had anyone been around to buy it. Slowly recovering from a planet wide cataclysm ages past, this is a very different world from the one we knew from before. To start with, it’s completely devoid of sentient life. Soon their lives become a time divided between making a new life for themselves in this strange new world.

They brought with them science, and only as the Seventh Age approaches, does magic begin to creep back into the world.


“Academia Draconia”: “Silberwing”: “High Fyelds – A new Beginning”: “High Fyelds: The Big Race

Short stories: 

“Festival of Lights” (AD): “Caverns Deep”:

The Fifth Age:

The Fifth Age is a time of desolation and decay. The older races, those not yet brought to extinction, have retreated beyond their own borders. Many of the great kingdoms and empires of the Fourth Age have crumbled under their own weight, their place in history taken by smaller states, fiefdoms and individuals intent on carving out their own piece of what remains.

It all comes to an abrupt end as the great Cataclysm wipes nearly every trace of civilization, and life, from Casticia, leaving only the changed, and sealed, Isle of Illusions as a testimony to what has been.


“Lord of the Wind”

Short stories: 

The Fourth Age:

The Fourth Age in a Golden Age, filled with wonder and magic. Every creature imaginable swims in the ocean, roam the lands and flies in the skies.

Small states grow and prosper (more often than not, Kaheiron Chibi magicanyway)creating kingdoms, empires, duchies and dynasties. Magic flows freely through the world, harnessed by many different practitioners – some for good, some for evil – and helps a number of sentient species find a place just for them.

Adventures abound and there is no telling where the road you step out upon will take you.


“The Damsel and the Dragon”: “You’re a Dragon”:

Short stories: 

“A spell in the making” (TDATD): “A bargain at any price” (TDATD):

The Third Age:

The Third Age is when the elves learn to harness the magic of the world, growing in both stature and wisdom and turning their eyes to the stars, seeking to explain the very nature of existence.

Heavily forested, beyond the woods creatures grow in size and numbers as the elves does in wisdom. The ones on land are, however, dwarfed by the great behemoths that dwell in the ocean, making crossing the deep sea an endeavour filled with unseen, until the last minute, hazards.

The Third Age ends with the arrival of the first sentient species from “elsewhere”.


Short stories: 

The Second Age:

The lines between the First, Second and Third Age are somewhat ambiguous, but The Second Age is generally considered to have its beginning when the solar system that would come to house Casticia first formed.

The First Age:

Also known as the Age of Creation this is literally the beginning of the universe.

Where the adventure begins

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