So, you’re wondering what attracts a dragonscribe?


There could be a lot of different answers to this, and truth be told, it’d probably be easier to define what doesn’t attract a dragonscribe. Who could possibly resist the smell of old paper and leather covers (or, today, paper and papercovers)? To wander into one of those old second-hand bookshops where there are more books than shelf-space, eyes sparkling and determination in your heart – knowing that you’ll spend hours and hours exploring the shelves? Ah – yes, happy places to be indeed.

Having an extremely eclectic interest in what you want to READ is, however, a whole lot easier than having the same in what you choose to publish. Actually, it’s not a lack of interest, but of hours in the day (and night) and a reluctant admittance of that if you want to do something well, you probably should concentrate on what you do best (or so the saying goes. Real Life, on the other hand, doesn’t always work like that – as we all know).Gaile flying

So, here at DragonQuill, you will, in time, find stories that carry us away from that everyday life around us, whether letting us step through a portal into the elsewhere or by taking wing and soaring into the sky, carrying us along in its wake. We’ll close our eyes and open them again to see a brand new world opening up before us, and another, and another.


For the time being, we’ll be publishing Fantasy, Science Fiction and Science Fantasy and hope that you will join us as we continue exploring those magical worlds for years to come.

Where the adventure begins

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