Managing Director

(or, as it’s otherwise known; Muse Wrangler, Grammarsite Catcher and Tea Maker Extraordinaire)

You could probably add a lot more to that – when you’re a sole trader you tend to end up doing a lot yourself. The upside of that is that you constantly learn new things. The Lin Chibi sittingdownside is that you often spend a lot of time working things out that, once you’ve learnt them, turn out to be amazingly easy – like pressing the right button in a computer program where the manual has been translated by a Venusian invertebrate. You’d think it’d be easy? Right?

I started DragonQuill Publishing in 2016 (though the backbones of it goes back many years), partly because I wanted a more official platform to publish my own works through but also because it finally gave me the the chance to actually work in a field I love and, with time, help others do the same.



Where the adventure begins

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