You’re a dragon

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The Gamebook

Have you always wanted to be a dragon?

Here’s your chance!

Being thrust into another world  with the *help* of a magical accident has long been considered a well-known recipe for adventure.

When said accident turns you into a dragon to boot, then what could possibly go wrong?

Will you become the hero, soaring through the sky on majestic wings, or the villain, burning the world to ashes? 

Rescue the princess? 

Eat the prince? 

Only you can decide!

There are over 20 different endings (actually, there are nearly thirty, but who’s counting?) and they all depend on YOUR choices!


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Available from a number of digital retailers (inc Barnes & Noble and Kobo) in E-Pub format.

Paperbacks and Kindle copies can be bought from from your local Amazon.

Depending on regional location, you can also ask your local bookstore to order it for you or request it from your nearest library.



As you turn, beginning your climb back up, the pool below gurgles and glops. Is it your imagination or is it making more noises than before? Thanks to your long neck, you maintain your precarious purchase on the rocks and turn to see what’s going on.

As you watch, what first looks to be rocks, float to the surface. Two large, bulbous eyes, appear in the craggy stone as the lava slowly drips off, then two more, further down. Oh no, something does live down here. And it doesn’t look happy.

Lava cascading down its rocky hide, the young coulee rises slowly from the viscous lake, unfolding its stone encrusted wings until it nearly blots out the sun.

This would be a good time to climb a little faster, you think, and increase your upward speed. Turn to 370

Growl menacingly yourself and turn to face the coulee. Turn to 307

Gryphon companion: Where the blazers is your feathered companion when you need them? You call out to Lightwing for help. Turn to 261

You’re a dragon

is partly set in our time and on Earth, with the main part of the book set during the Fourth Age of the Seven Stars Universe . One of two Golden Ages – this is a Pure Fantasy setting where you’ll find powerful wizards, majestic dragons, courageous heroes (timeshares available) and terrifying monsters in a world filled with magic. There are also cute, furry critters and things that go “gluck” (don’t ask).

This book has
4 dragons

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A great big shout out to all wonderful folks that helped this book into being by believing in it, believing in me or by keeping me sane when the Muse runs off with the cast and throws a party in the mad scientist’s lair.

This includes many fellow authors, whether they know it or not lol; my always brilliant editor, Scribecat and some extra brilliant and farsighted backers on Kickstarter, like; Skywings14, Erlinda, Jessie Marston, A. Lachance, Lark Cunningham, Jordan Burattini, Yariloira, Juliane “Nightpark” Völker, Aramanth Dawe, Tysha Dopson, Patrik Andersson, Jeanette Volintine, Tome dragon, Ondrej Zastera, Lisa Spangenberger, Gonçalo Rodrigues, Steven A. Holomshek, Pikey Berbil, Adrianne Compton, Paragrafka, Mark Voss, Danny Tirtosasmito, Laura Norman, Rayen Jonke, Dagmar Baumann, Terramir and Sir Olli.

I had a blast writing this (ok, I also had some moments of thinking my hair would turn grey. If anyone tells you writing a gamebook is easy, don’t believe them – all those paths, all those numbers aaaahhh!!) and I hope you will all have even more fun as readers.

I’d also like to thank Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone for forging ahead back in the day when gamebooks were completely unheard of and giving the rest of us many adventures along the way and as well as a path to follow 🙂

Where the adventure begins

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