January 2023

We’ve successfully negotiated out way into the wilds and you can now find (especially the e-book versions) of our books in all sorts of interesting places.

October 2022

Lord of the Wind, the first book in the Chronicles of Sun & Moon trilogy was published. Also, depression has struck…yay.

May 2022

Silberwing – the sequel to Academia Draconia launches on Amazon directly (thanks to a certain platform that shall remained unnamed is unavailable where I now live – and here I thought we lived in an interconnected world?)


Yup, this year still sucks … but … after the stress of last year, at least the Muse is back – and with a vengeance. Four books drafted to varying stages of completeness.


This year sucks … end of.


The Soul Within – our first YA book launches.

Malta Comic Con happened.

December 2018

You’re a dragon: The Gamebook launches on Amazon.

November 2018

Mae McKinnon & DragonQuill attended Malta Comic Con. It was a blast, even with having to wake up at 5.30 in the morning to be there.

October 2018

You’re a dragon: The Gamebook launches on Kickstarter.

June 2018

High Fyelds: A New Beginning & High Fyelds: The Big Race becomes available on Amazon as paperback and kindle.

 May 2018

High Fyelds: A New Beginning & High Fyelds: The Big Race has been fully funded thanks to all wonderful backers on Kickstarter


DragonQuill Attends the Malta Comic Con 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.


“The Damsel and the Dragon” becomes available on Amazon and Createspace as paperback and kindle.


The Kickstarter campaign for the new novel “The Damsel and the Dragon” kicks off!


And the Dragon has Landed. “Academia Draconia” is now available in paperback as well as a kindle e-book version on Amazon (regional as well as .com).


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time. “Academia Draconia” has winged its way into the printed world.

It’s a long flight from the bookworld though and even dragons need to rest and AD has touched down on Kickstarter to fill up with energy for the remainder of the journey.

Please do come visit us at Kickstarter and help us keep many fantastic creatures flying, leaping and running out of their fictional pages for a long time to come.


Dragonquill Publishing has begun the long journey across Europe (ok, ok, it used to be longer, but still feels long enough when you have so, so many boxes to move) that comes part and parcel with relocating from one country to another. In this case, from Scotland to Sweden.

Where the adventure begins

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