Silberwing (#AD 2)

Academia Draconia: Book 2


Also nuts…

When your best friend happens to be a dragon, life is rarely boring. If anything, Gaile feels that things have been a little TOO exciting lately.

Now, she and her wingpartner, Silber, are given the chance to go off-planet with the rest of their team for further training.

But the core world of the Empire of the Seventh Star holds many secrets. Some of which might be closer than either of them think.

And then the accidents begin to happen.

Together with their new friends, they must try to rise to the challenge. Can any of them prove it doesn’t matter who you are, only what you can do?

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Gaile banged her head into a low hanging beam. ‘Ouch!’ she exclaimed, rubbing at her forehead. This one hadn’t been of the light variety. This one was definitely steel. It still succeeded in making you see stars.

What it was doing stretched over the far end of a kitchen at less than head height was anyone’s guess.

‘Whoever designed this place should die!’ Gaile muttered.

After a bit of searching, Gaile found the right panel switch. She pressed it and the door before them swung open.

The next moment, the small, lithe, body had vanished from the countertop. Instead, hugging the floor, slinking through the dark opening the moment it was big enough for him, the dragonling was off … again.

‘Hey!’ Gaile half shouted, half whispered, after him.

Silber took the extra moment before his partner caught up to eye up the next room with the help of what little light slipped through the opening door.

It was usually a minor inconvenience that his darkvision actually required the presence of some light to work. Right now, he wished it didn’t. It was hard to make anything out.

He walked into a foot stool lurking in the shadows. A major inconvenience, yes, that’s what it was. He shook his behorned head, trying to clear it.

So far, things were going less than stellar.

There were things hanging from the ceiling. He couldn’t make out exactly what they were, but if they were on hooks, he didn’t trust that flying up and then leaping from one to the next was the best, or quietest, way forward.

Trouble was, when you were less than a quarter of a meter tall, you couldn’t exactly just reach up and flick the switches or pick things off the walls.

Thankfully, his wings took care of most things and what those didn’t solve, there was literally nothing he couldn’t climb, with the right incentive, of course.

His clear, blue, eyes returned to another set of countertops. He leapt, landed gracefully, and began strolling down the top. It might look like he walked as if he owned the place but each step was actually carefully considered before a paw was put down.

At least, that’s what he always claimed.

From somewhere behind, behind the beacon of light, came a, ‘Silber? Silber? What are you doing?’

By the sounds of it, his partner was even less than impressed with the situation than he was. She usually saved the sarcasm for when they were alone.


is set during the Seventh Age of the Seven Stars Universe where magic has, ever so slowly, started to seep back into the world and, combining science and magic, the opportunity has arisen for brave souls to explore the galaxy.

This book has

8 Dragons
8 Dragons

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