Plain paperbacks and Kindle e-books can all be purchased through Amazon .

If you’re looking for something extra special, SIGNED paperbacks *and* Dustjackets are available on Etsy while I have them in stock.

Prints of the book covers as well as some characters are also available as long as stocks last.


Writers, contrary to popular belief, to write all the time. In fact, to paraphrase a famous quote – the one thing writers do more than writing is avoiding writing. This is commonly referred to as procrastination and can take many shapes. I finally decided to do something other than stare blankly at the screen when the Muse was off duty and the characters too busy planning their summer holidays to get one with what was supposed to happen in the book I was trying to finish … increasingly desperately at times.

You’ll find a lot of dragon inspired handicrafts on my new Etsy store, some excellent magic trinkets for your journey into distant and wild lands (guaranteed to keep oliphants away 100%), journals to record your travels and even some jewellery for those special days.

There are also WIZARDING WANDS!

Some examples of what you might find

AT Dragonsandquill on Etsy

Where the adventure begins

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