Character Interview with: Erina Darklight

Erina (very reluctantly one might add, she’s not a cameras sort of person) gets interviewed over at The Gatecrash Network! by Manuel Arbanassi. 

“We’re in July! The summer heat is getting stronger, but that just makes us here at #CharactersTell want to go on even more!
With the occasional stop by the seaside to cool off. But that’s no excuse! Last week a number of things robbed us of our Background Character Interview, but never fear! We’re here with a brand new interview with a character from a returning author!
Tonight’s interview is with Erina Darklight. She’s a lovely woman (albeit a bit on the reluctant side, when it comes of talking about herself…but when she gets going she goes on well!) telling us about her life and how she got marooned in an unknown zone of her planet – in the titular High Fyelds of her novel!”

…. To read the whole interview, please head over to Gatecrash Network here: Erina Darklight


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