Kaheiron is a lot easier to get talking about himself, especially if he gets to talk about books. Here our favourite Archmage gets interviewed over at The Gatecrash Network! by Manuel Arbanassi. 


My oh my, May is rushing by so fast! The days keep getting longer, the heat keeps rising,  summer storms start appearing on the horizon, and with them, we’re getting into the third week! And you all know what that means! It’s time to interview a Side Character!

Tonight’s guest is Kaheiron – he is a very interesting, very well mannered and cultured man, who holds an important position as the Archmage of the Twin Towers, a learning institute for people gifted in the Arcane Arts.

Also, he’s a Dragon.

…. To read the whole interview, please head over to Gatecrash Network here: Kaheiron

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